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22. února 2013 v 22:09 | Danchen |  People :)

Everyone knows him from the Internet and so do I. A friend of mine sent me his video and I got interested in him immediately. I found his pics, videos and I favoured that guy within a second.

When I found his profile on FB I was quite afraid he wouldn't accept my friend request and that he'd be arrogant and bumptious. But I was wrong - our first chat changed my opinion - he was really nice and kind.

I remember that day I sent him the friend request. It was on the 9th December 2011. He accepted my request on this magical date. We started to chat and I just favoured him.

He's told me so many things which I'm very grateful for, I've told him a lot too and I know he's someone I can trust. It happens from time to time that we don't chat and that makes me sad - I got used to spending time with him.

He's able to make me smile, but he can make me cry as well. Every time he adds a new pic of his I have to smile - he always look great and I'm not surprised so many people want to date him - I really like him.

I believe that through our FB conversations we'll get to that point that we'll meet one day. I'm really looking forward to that day because I know I'll hug him and I'll never let him go.
To see him is my big wish, a wish that must come true.
Thank you for everything. I respect you and I don't want to lose you. :(
Thank you for everything ♥

A few photos :)


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1 Pétina Pétina | Web | 27. května 2013 v 10:55 | Reagovat

O_o převelice zvláštní tato osoba. Ehm, je to kluk, že? :D

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